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WeCanvas is a Business Model Consultancy based on the pillars of People, Data and Creativity.

They differentiate themselves from traditional business consultancy services by offering an inclusive and creative process as well as deliverables and tools which can be used after the project.

Brand Strategy

The definition of the brand fundamentals was key. We held different collaborative workshops with the 3 founders in order to identify the purpose, value proposition, values and personality of the WeCanvas brand.

We were then set to work on the first element of the Branding: The naming and tagline.

WeCanvas has a double meaning: On one hand, it refers to a collaborative, creative and visual methodology. On another hand, it refers to the Canvas as a deliverable which can be used by the client after the project in an autonomous and dynamic way.

The Tagline: Draw your future with confidence refers once again to the process but also to the benefit of working with WeCanvas.

Visual Identity

WeCanvas Logo Descrpition
WeCanvas Notebook

Design Pillars

I wanted WeCanvas visuals to stand out from traditional business consulting companies by giving it a fresh, simple yet dynamic, fun and caring touch. It needed to showcase the 3 pillars of People, Data and Creativity which WeCanvas bases its methodology on.
I identified 3 main design pillars:

Lots of white space combined with a strong colour palette

Giving lots of breathing space allows to build a fresh and serene feeling to the design. It applies to website design but also to all editorial or digital marketing materials.
Furthermore the vibrant colours disrupt the white background to bring a dynamic and fun touch. Large bold and deep black headings allow the viewer to scan the main information easily.

Textures and hand drawn elements

Textures bring warmth while hand drawn elements bring humanity and creativity. The usage of these type of elements illustrates how WeCanvas wants to break away from the traditional business consultancy mould and position themselves as being an inclusive, personal and creative service.

Authentic portraits

Business is about creating value for people, and through people. High quality photography featuring people was essential to the WeCanvas visual identity. Photography is mainly used within visual compositions combining them with textures and hand-drawn graphic elements. These dynamic compositions allow to break monotonous lay outs and make dense content more enjoyable to read.  

Brand Colours

The 3 main pillars of People, Data and Creativity being a key differentiator of the company, I wanted the colours to have a strong presence and meaning. Basing myself on Colour psychology, each colour can be linked to one of the pillars as well as the Brand’s values. This way, the colours can also be used as a code in marketing material or social media posts.

WeCanvas Colours


WeCanvas Font Playfair

Playfair Display Bold: An elegant Serif font for Headings with a high contrast and delicate hairline.

WeCanvas Font Josefin

Josefin Sans Light: A modern, light and classy Sans Serif font for body copies.

WeCanvas Imagery


A series of icons was created as part of the visual identity. I wanted the icons to be simple and light and I used thin lines and only 2 colours. Their white background allows to use them on clear and dark backgrounds.

WeCanvas Iconography
WeCanvas Webpage

Web Design


The Design of the web page was the major implementation of the Visual identity. The whole website has 8 pages.


The process:

I started by working on low fidelity wireframes in Figma basing myself on the structure of the WordPress template I had chosen. I always make sure to ask the client how the website will be implemented before starting with its design as it can mean I need to take into consideration certain limitations.

The second steps consisted in preparing high fidelity designs in Figma. I started by designing the different visual compositions, extra icons and backgrounds. I defined a few different components which would be repeated across the 8 pages. Once all the elements were ready, I could work on composing the different pages and making sure of a consistent visual vertical rhythm in each one of the pages.


For this project, I implemented the design myself to a WordPress template and delivered the website ready to go.


Visual identity:

-Logo lock-ups: Rendition of main logo and its variations in all relevant formats
-Vectorial design elements: Rendition of patterns and hand drawn elements.

-Iconography: Rendition and raw files of a series of icons
-Website Home page Figma file
-Email Signature
-Social media and blog
-Brand Guide Style including the Brand fundamentals, design and photography guidelines


-Figma high fidelity prototypes files

-Images files including visual compositions, extra icons and backgrounds

-Wordpress Website


WeCanvas Guidelines

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