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La Rosadita


La Rosadita is a historic luxury house to rent in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is a 100+ year old Property in historic centre of San Cristobal, walking distance to San Telmo Market and Puerto Madero.
It is over 300 m2 and has been refurbished in a transitional style with bohemian, classical and pop influences. Traditional materials and designs such as iron, glass and ceramics marry modern accessories and vibrant colour touches.

La Rosadita Outside View

Visual Identity

The business concept behind La Rosadita is to provide a luxury home away from home type accommodation to mid- or long-term visitors. I wanted the visual identity to transmit the bohemian, yet historic essence of the building while transmitting a comforting and exclusive feel. Architectural materials and the interior design of the house were my main inspirations.

Mosaics of small tiles are used across the house: bathrooms, gardens, kitchen top, etc. The repetition of these small tiles as well as different colour combinations creates rich textures as well as an intimate feel.

On another hand, the use of wrought iron for garden fences or on glass doors create organic refined shapes which transmit a sense of subtle movement and contrast.

Furthermore, the interior design combines vibrant touches of colour with pastel and earthy colours larger surfaces.

La Rosadita Look and Feel
The Logo

The logo needed to feel welcoming, homely as well as refined and elegant.  It is composed of a tile mosaic inspired background and a delicate typography. The logo is available in the 2 main brand colours.

La ROsadita Pink
La Rosadita Blue
Colour Palette

The colour palette was designed mainly from the pastel and earthy colours used in the interior decoration of La Rosadita. They transmit a comforting yet elegant feel to the house which I wanted to reflect in the visual identity.

The Old Rose and Bilburry blue are the main colours while the other colours come and give a sparkle to the backgrounds and secondary elements.

La Rosadita Water Bottles
La Rosadita Stationnary
La Rosadita Typo Titles

Julius Sans One: A Sans Serif font used in the Logo but also for Headings. Its thin strokes and lightweight gives this font a smooth and delicate look to it.

La Rosadita Typo Copies

Crimson text: This is a type which was originally designed for book production. It has a traditional and old style to it and is easy to read.  

Textures and backgrounds

The tile mosaic patterns are repeated all along the visual identity. It is not only applied to the logo but also as backgrounds and textures for marketing materials and merchandising.

La Rosadita Texture Pink
La Rosadita Texture on Towels
La Rosadita Brochure Page


Editorial Design

The brochure is a composed of 12 pages + double sided cover. It was designed implementing the new Visual identity. Tile shape mosaic backgrounds and textures are repeated throughout the brochure and gives it a dynamic reading experience. Each spread showcases a feature of the house where photography and written content complement each other.


Basic Visual identity:

-Logo lock-ups: Rendition of main logo and its variations in all relevant formats
-Vectorial design elements: Rendition of backgrounds and texture elements
-Business Cards Rendition
-Stationary: Rendition of all stationary design
-Water Bottle and merchandizing: Rendition of water bottle and other merchandizing design
-Basic Brand Guide Style including the design guidelines


Branded Brochure:

-Low and high resolution PDFs of the brochure

-Editable files for future updates.

-Wordpress Website

La Rosadita Texture Pink

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