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Cat Lemaire Branding Studio

Hi, I’m Cat

I am a graphic designer and creative strategist. I graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Brighton then studied Graphic Design in Belgium and Spain. I work with clients from around the world as I speak English, French and Spanish. I grew up in Belgium speaking French at school and English with my mother and family. I have now been based in Barcelona for almost 10 years. 



I have worked in small NGOs as well as a large international company. Through out my corporate career, I have covered positions such as Graphic designer, Studio coordinator, Art director and Brand and Creative Manager for several European markets (France, Spain, DACH, Italy). 



In 2021, I decided to come back to what I really love doing: Brand Design. With the strategic, organisational and technical skills developed through out my career, I founded my own Brand Design studio where I work with existing and starting businesses as well as with event organisations. 



My mission is to build brands that make sense, help connect with an audience but also that are sustainable over time.  Having worked in small and large organisations, I understand the reality of running a business. That’s why I adapt my deliverables files and formats to different needs and realities. I am keen to provide templates and tools which my clients will be able to use in the future without depending on a professional graphic designer. 



If you are looking to build a strong and unique visual identity for your Brand, you are in the right place. Get in touch with me to start building a Brand that matches your unique personality. 

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