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Alouette Nature Tours


Alouette Nature Tours provides a holistic and sensory experience through walking tours around South West Scotland. 

Their tours focus on understanding the role of humans within Nature through science, folklore, history, archaeology, bushcraft and spirituality. 

Their mission is to encourage adults and children to (re)connect deeply with Nature in order to raise awareness about the current climate crisis as well as how Nature can benefit our well-being. 

Alouette Nature tours by CatLemaire

1. Brand Strategy

Each branding project starts with defining the fundamentals of the Brand.

 Through 2 guided workshops, I helped Antoine, the founder of Alouette Nature Tours to define all the elements that make his brand unique: its vision, mission, a brand personality and values, its differentiators and most importantly what makes Alouette Nature Tours unique: Its essence. 

At the end of the process, we created his Brand Pyramid. A framework that enables us to see his brand at one glance.

Alouette Nature Tours Branding

2. Design Strategy

After defining the Brand’s strategy, I was able to set design pillars. Design pillars are a set of visual elements which guide me through the creation of the visual identity. Basing all design decisions on a previously defined strategy allows to create a Brand that makes sense and that reflects the business’ essence. 

For Alouette Nature Tours, I set an illustrative style to transmit its creative personality. Colours and textures needed to take people back to Nature while shapes and typography would help us transmit the holistic approach of the service by including archeology, history and storytelling. 

3. Design of Visual Identity

The Logo

Alouette Nature Tours welcomes you home!

Antoine guides you into Nature by sharing his knowledge about Fauna and Flora but also by integrating human history, archeology, and storytelling for a holistic experience.

The window shape illustration can be read in 2 ways:

-Either we are looking into our Home window and find a warm and inviting landscape.

-Or we are looking out onto the outside world where Nature is waiting to be experienced.

Either way, we are inviting the viewer to take action and reconnect with Nature.

Alouette Nature tours by CatLemaire
Alouette Nature Tours Wordmark by Catlemaire
Alouette Nature Tours Avatar by Catlemaire
Alouette Nature Tours Water Bottles
Alouette Nature Tours Business Cards


There was a deliberate choice not to use green in Alouette Nature Tours’ visual identity. In order to stand out from competitors, the intention was to create a palette which is inspired from Nature without falling into the obvious and mainstream composition. Especially that I knew green would be omnipresent in Alouette’s photography and communications, I wanted to give some visibility to the other colours of Nature: falling leaves, the hills covered by heather at dusk, the deep colour of the sea and sky and finally the sandy beaches were my main source of inspiration.

Brand Colours Earth Read

Earthy Red

Brand Colours Ochre

Fall Ochre

Brand Colour Navy

Deep Navy

Sand White


Alouette Nature Tours Iconography


Brand Elements:

-Logo lock-ups: Horizontal, Vertical, Wordmark and Avatar versions in all colour variations

– Typography

– Photography art direction

– Brand colour palette

– Texture 
– Iconography 


Marketing Materials:
– Website Home page in WordPress

– Website image templates
– Social Media banners and avatars

– Social Media post templates in Canva


Brand Guide Style
including the Brand fundamentals, design and photography guidelines.

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