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Can Julley


Can Julley The Story of the Brand. Portrait of the owners

The Story:

Can Julley is a holiday flat in the beautiful village of Taüll, in the Catalan Pyrenees. My husband and I bought it in 2023. As mountain lovers, we consider it as our base camp. We have put and continue to put our love into accommodating it and making it more than a tourist apartment, a home for us and those who pass by, and hopefully will return. Our goal is for us, and many others to be able to enjoy the area, exploring the surrounding nature and mountains. A place where we want to be comfortable, safe and cosy.

Can Julley, Hand-drawn branding

Brand Strategy:

We went through the same questions and exercises I usually work on with my customers to define our brand’s personality and goals.
We aim to welcome families and couples who share our love and respect for Nature by opening the doors of our home in a simple, natural, and friendly way. We have accommodated this mountain flat as a comfortable and cosy place of arrival after a day of exploring, skiing, or walking. We want people to feel the same way we feel when we enter Can Julley. Relaxed and optimistic!

Can Julley Brand Lettering and Illustrations

Brand Naming:

“Julley” means Hello, Thank you, See you later and Goodbye in Ladakhi, the language spoken in the Indian north region in the Himalayas.

Ladakh is a region that we visited 10 years ago and where we fell in love with the friendly and open people. Each time we crossed someone on the streets, they would say Julleeeey! with a huge smile!😄

When we think about our best experiences in the mountains, our life-changing encounters or the best smiles on earth, these warm Julleeeeeey just pop up in our minds. It was pretty obvious we wanted to name it CAN JULLEEEEEY! (Can meaning “House of” in Catalán)

Can Julley, Brand Naming

Logo Design:

The flat is located in a stone building and has panoramic views thanks to large windows. The hand-drawn logo in a shape of a mountain with its door and window takes us back to the rabbit or mouse houses lodged in trees or rocks in children’s illustrated books. It conveys warmth and simplicity. 

Can Julley Responsive logo family
Can Julley Branding Logo Colors

Brand Colours:

Laddakh (Julley is the Laddakhi word for hello, welcome, thank you), its temples, houses, stupas and Buddhist flags floating in the sky were my main inspiration. The feeling of warmth, beauty, and calm we had in Laddakh is what we wanted to transmit through Can Julley.

Can Julley, Brand Colors. Inspired from Laddack landscapes

Typography & Lettering:

I created a hand-drawn font for the logo. I wanted a simple and naïf style yet steady and solid. I combined rounded corners to make it friendly with straight vertical lines to give it a steady and reliable feeling. 


I use New Order (Adobe font) for the rest of the copy and website. 

CanJulley Hand-drawn Lettering. Each letter is individually crafted.
Can Julley, Brand Typography New Order


The style of these hand drawn illustration match the logo symbol’s. They represent local activities and characteristics. 

Can Julley Brand Hand-drawn Illustrations

Our hand-drawn brand overview

A set of hand-drawn illustrations, colours, textures and its hand-drawn logo are the visuals that allow us to create a unique and personal brand. 

Can Julley Hand-drawn Brand in Action
CanJulley Hand-drawn Brand in action
Can Julley Hand-drawn Brand in Action


Brand Elements:

–  Logo lock-ups: Horizontal, Vertical. Wordmakr and Avatar versions in all colour variations

– Hand-drawn Font  and typography combinations

– Photography art direction

– Brand colour palette

– Hand-drawn Illustrations 

Marketing Materials:
– Website

– Apparel

Thank you and Julley!

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